Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day Lineup!!

Hey Guys!! So obviously it's been a while since I've posted. I feel like I should give some kind of explanation, but to keep it short, life happened. The main contributor was that we took my oldest gluten free. If you don't know what that means, it means that we took wheat and most other grains out of his diet. Yeah. Huge adjustment. Had me just shy of a complete nerves breakdown. So to save my sanity I cut out pretty much anything that was not a complete necessity. My son is still gluten free, but we've learned how to live with the changes and now I'm ready to pick things up somewhat where I left off.

Although there will be some changes. For instance, you'll be seeing an assortment of gluten free and regular recipes from now on. I know there is a lot of you that aren't gluten free, but please don't be afraid to give these recipes a try. You can also easily modify most recipes too by just subbing for regular or gluten free flour to fit your lifestyle, so I hope this doesn't detract any of you from trying a recipe.

To catch you all up on what we have been up to since I last posted, other then adjusting to eating gluten free, we moved at the end of February to our new home. I love it here. We have an acre all to ourselves, and I've already gotten 3 goats and 5 chickens.

Isn't she so cute!! I intend on having a full fledged farm before long, but I'm still warming my hubby up to the idea :) But soon I'd like to get some horses, maybe a milking cow, and a miniature pig to go with my nigerian dwarf goats.

After moving in, my husband decided to take our plan to "eventually update", into full on demo!! I agree, that the house needed it, as you can see from the before pictures above, but we had just moved in and gotten settled. It was a lot to take on all at once, but surprisingly it all only took 3 1/2 weeks, and was so worth the inconvenience of living in a construction zone. 


Here is everything after. I am still in the process of putting my kitchen together. Since everything from my kitchen was in totes in the garage. We'll just say that it all needs a good cleaning before it's put in it's proper place. Which is taking twice as long as it normally would being that when you remodel and tear down walls and chip up tile, things get really, really dusty. So while I have a notebook full of ideas, cooking and baking has yet to occur in this kitchen. Shouldn't be to much longer though :)

In the meantime I wanted to list some of my old favorite recipes that would be perfect for Father's Day!! Enjoy!! And new recipes will be coming soon!!

Breakfast In Bed Idea's!!

Desserts for Dad!!

I realized after picking all these desserts that my current chocolate addiction is showing ;) Have an awesome weekend!!


Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm so glad you're back! I was hoping nothing bad had happened. I really missed your pictures and recipes. Yay!

MissyB_in_NJ said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Love your reno! So neat. Very cool recipe roundup, too. Thanks. And congrats on the new digs!!

wandy269 said... Best Blogger Tips

I just discovered I can no longer have gluten. Earth shaking. I am sad for your son, but glad to get another avenue for recipes.

Kathleen Richardson said... Best Blogger Tips

Good to have you back. Sounds like your life has been super busy. The new house looks great, especially the kitchen and that "island" ~ I'm envious (in a good way). Looking forward to your new approach to cooking.